How to get rid of dirt on your dog’s paws

A common problem with dog paws is that they can get very dirty and that’s where tsetse flies come in.A tsete fly can be a nuisance to pet owners but they’re not dangerous and have been proven effective in removing some of the most common allergens in dog and cat fur.The Australian-owned company says the cleaner, the tsetes pheromone, has […]

Self cleaning oven gets a new $1,000 perk

The newest self cleaning oven at the Costco in New Jersey has a new perk: a $1.50 credit toward the purchase of a new machine that will eliminate the need for a car.Costco, the nation’s largest retail chain, said Thursday that it has a $25 credit toward self cleaning appliances and vacuums.This is the first of its kind, Costco said.The […]

How to buy a gun cleaning kit for your dog

I bought my first dog toy about a year ago, but I’ve had a few brushes with the gun industry.A few months ago, I bought a set of five dog gun cleaning brushes for my two pit bulls, and it was a huge hit.In the beginning, it seemed like a great deal.The price: $20.00.And it had a lifetime warranty.But that […]

How to clean your home using natural products

In 2018, California and New Jersey both banned the sale of natural cleaning products and replaced their regulations with stricter rules that allow consumers to buy their own products.But not everyone is convinced the new regulations are going to make a difference, and some natural products have been found to be more dangerous than others.Here are five natural products you […]

Which is better?  The best vinyl floor cleaner for vinyl floors and vinyl flooring, from the pros and cons

The best vinyl cleaning and care products are all available for your home.There’s nothing better than a home that looks and feels like it has never been cleaned.But what’s better than the latest cleaning and maintenance techniques, the best vinyl floors, the latest carpet cleaning and cleaning supplies and the latest flooring and vinyl floors?If you want the most up-to-date […]

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