Milan are looking for a new cleaning robot

It looks like the future of cleaning is in the air.

The Rossoneri are considering a new brand of cleaner that will be powered by electricity.

A team at Milan has applied for a patent on the technology, and has revealed that it will be able to produce up to 1,500 cleaning robots per month.

A robot that can clean up the pitch in under a minute is not exactly new.

In the past few years, the Italian giants have also been experimenting with electric cleaners.

In 2014, the club introduced a new version of the Lira robot, which had an electric motor and an onboard charging system.

It was only used once in a match against Lazio and its performance was not as good as some of its competitors.

However, it did perform quite well, which was not the case with the Lika robot.

The Milan team has applied a patent for its latest cleaner, which will use the same technology.

The robot is not yet a fully-functional product, but the company claims that it can provide an effective cleaning of the pitch.

The patent states that it is capable of cleaning up to 2,000 square metres per hour, which is more than one metre per hour.

A vacuum is used to collect and remove any loose particles.

The cleaning robot will be capable of using water and air.

Milan are not the only ones that are looking into electric cleaners, as other Italian football clubs are also considering the idea.

The new cleaner will be used on a regular basis in the Milan dressing room.

The club are hoping that this innovation will attract more fans, which could result in more revenue.

The team are hoping to create an atmosphere of camaraderie between the players, who will be cleaning the pitch to help them feel more comfortable.

The robotic cleaning robot is also expected to have an impact on the pitch, as it will not have to worry about removing particles.

This will be especially important for players who may be less comfortable on a pitch where there are only small gaps between players and fans.

The cleaner will also be able do the job much quicker than the Likra, as the Lkra was able to clean up in just one minute.

A fan will be the only user of the robot, while the club have set a price of 1,000 euros for the unit.

The company has also been working on other technologies to improve the cleaning experience for fans, and will be looking to improve its cleaning technology over time.

This is also the first step towards the possible introduction of a full-fledged electric cleaning robot in Italy.

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