What you need to know about the robots that are cleaning your house

What you need to know about the robots that are cleaning your house

The robots that help people clean their homes are becoming more and more commonplace.

But how well they’re doing their jobs remains a major question.

Now, a study from MIT shows that robots that can understand people are becoming a big part of the equation, too.

Read moreThe research, which was published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, shows that robot cleaners are getting smarter, learning from human experience, and responding to the human voice more often than their human counterparts.

The robots that were used in the study were programmed to recognize people’s faces, even when they were not speaking.

Researchers then asked them to identify objects and objects they could see in front of them.

In some cases, the robots could even distinguish between different objects on their own.

Researchers found that robots trained to identify faces could recognize and recognize objects in front, even without the human’s help.

In some cases robots were able to recognize objects even without humans being there.

“These are very intelligent robots that have been trained to be more and better at recognizing human faces, and they are responding to our voice,” said study lead researcher David Wachter, an MIT professor of electrical engineering and computer science.

“They are more and smarter, and are able to learn and respond to our voices more and to understand our human-like speech.”

Wachter said it would be difficult for humans to understand a robot’s speech or even how the robot was performing its task, but they can understand how it works.

He said the robots were “very sophisticated” and “could be used to clean the house, or perform other kinds of tasks.”

Wechter added that even when the robots did not understand human speech, they could still understand what it was like to use them to do the job.

The researchers have previously shown that robots can understand human voices, but it is unclear whether the same ability to understand human behavior is also present in robots.

Wachner and his colleagues hope to improve their robots’ understanding of human speech and how to communicate with the user, so that they can improve the robots’ performance.

The study also showed that the robots learned to associate human faces with objects more easily, and that they were able use their new ability to distinguish objects to identify and clean items in front.

The MIT researchers are also studying whether the robots would be able to interact with humans in a way that made them feel comfortable and at ease.

“It’s kind of an experiment of ‘How do you interact with your robot?'”

Wachters said.

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