How to beat ‘climate change’ and protect jobs

How to beat ‘climate change’ and protect jobs

The Obama administration will make the case that it’s a moral imperative to combat climate change when it comes to the construction of the Keystone XL oil pipeline, President Donald Trump announced Tuesday.

Trump’s announcement, which is intended to send a strong signal to other countries around the world that he wants to build on a long-standing US commitment to the Paris climate agreement, came on the same day that Trump’s Department of Transportation announced it will allow construction of Keystone XL.

“The Keystone XL pipeline is one of the most important things the United States can do to protect the environment, and we will do so through a strong and principled environmental review process,” Trump said at a press conference in the Oval Office.

Keystone XL is the final leg of a $8.8 billion pipeline that will carry oil from Alberta, Canada, to the Gulf Coast of Texas, where it will be shipped to refineries.

The president has said Keystone XL will be “a job creator for our country,” and a move that will create thousands of jobs, which Trump said will come from those who are forced to relocate to cities in the Gulf.

Environmentalists are calling on the president to make good on his pledge to build a pipeline that would carry oil and gas through the heart of the U.S. Gulf Coast.

On Wednesday, the White House will issue a draft Environmental Impact Statement for Keystone XL, which would outline the environmental impacts of the project and outline what the federal government will do to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the project.

While the White the pipeline is being built, a number of environmental groups are planning protests and other actions, and have already called on the Trump administration to make the Keystone pipeline a priority for the Keystone program.

A number of local groups have also announced plans to take the pipeline to the United Nations.

As part of the effort, the Trump White House has sent out invitations to U.N. leaders to come to the White house to talk about climate change, and to discuss the issue.

Some environmentalists have already planned to gather in front of the White Senate, which has a climate change-themed statue in the center.

In response, the president on Wednesday called for “tough” action on climate change.

He also told the press that “we have to be prepared for what is going to happen to our environment.”

Trump also announced the creation of a new White House Climate Leadership Council, which will include representatives from industry, environmental groups, and other stakeholders.

The council will focus on “the challenges we face today as a nation, as a world, and as a human race, and how we can continue to lead and lead in the future,” Trump added.

The administration will also work with Congress to create new rules and regulations that will help ensure that the nation stays on track to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide from existing energy sources.

Climate activists are also urging the Trump government to implement new rules to reduce methane emissions from oil and natural gas extraction, and also to increase methane testing for new oil and coal mines.

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