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Bathtub cleaner with ‘damp’ sponge tip is a hit with UK users

Bathtub cleaner with ‘damp’ sponge tip is a hit with UK users

With the help of a new version of the Bathtub Cleaner sponge tip, the UK is making its bathtub cleaner more useful.

BBC Sport has seen a huge surge in sales of the sponge tip after it was released in September and has seen many people who bought it as a novelty, then decided they didn’t want to use it for any reason.

The sponge tip can be used to clean the inside of the tub from water-based products, including soaps and foams, and it has even been found to clean toilets and showers in the past.

The new sponge tip comes in a range of sizes, and the sponge has a soft, sponge-like tip which is easy to clean and it works well for removing stains and bacteria.

It’s made by Nalgene which makes other bath products, but the UK version is cheaper and easier to use.

“It’s made in the UK, and is designed to be as good as a regular sponge,” said Richard Dix, marketing manager at Nalgens.

“But we don’t want people to feel left out and not being able to wash their own hands or wash their hands again.”

The sponge is also easy to use, and has a sponge-type base which is easier to scrub away stains, bacteria and other contamination, he added.

The baseboard cleaning sponge is made of a rubber material and can be washed by hand or a sponge attachment with a sponge wash.

It comes in two sizes: a 2mm diameter and a 3mm diameter.

There is also a ‘bathtub clean’ size, which is a smaller size that is designed for people who want to rinse out any excess water.

The cleaning sponge comes in four different sizes, including a 2.5mm diameter, which can be wiped down with a towel and then wiped off with a damp sponge attachment.

“There are different sizes of the baseboard cleaners, which makes it a bit confusing,” said Mr Dix.

“If you don’t have a sponge, it’s actually very easy to wash your hands.” “

Mr Ditchley said the sponge is a great addition to the bath product line, as people find it easier to wash hands than with other products. “

If you don’t have a sponge, it’s actually very easy to wash your hands.”

Mr Ditchley said the sponge is a great addition to the bath product line, as people find it easier to wash hands than with other products.

“I think people would like to have something that is really, really good at the job, that they can wash with,” he said.

“They’re not worried about the product being bad.”

The Bathtub cleaners can be purchased from the Nalgenes website for £4.95 (€5.45).

Mr Dichley said that the sponge tips were a hit, but also said it was not unusual for people to ask if they could use the sponge on their bath towels and other items.

“We’ve had people ask us if they can use the product on their own towels, they’re happy to do that,” he explained.

“Some people like it as an alternative to soap, so that’s good, and some people just don’t use it.”

Nalgen has also made a new range of cleaning products called Bath Tub Cleaner, which include the Bath Tub Purge.

The Bath Tub purge is made with a special foam that is more soft and feels better than regular cleaning foam, but can also be used for other products as well.

The bathtub cleaners are not made by the Bathroom Cleaner brand, which Mr Ditchesley said had been a “little bit over-hyped”.

Mr Ditsley said Bathtub cleaning products were always going to be a niche market, and there were going to always be people who would not like the idea of using a product which was too abrasive.

“So we wanted to create something that was actually a little bit more suitable for people, so we didn’t over-reach,” he added, saying there was always a risk of the product breaking in to the house.

Bathtub cleansers have been available since 2015, but this is the first time they are available in a UK-made form.

The UK version of Bathtub cleaner comes in three different sizes: the base and the bathtub clean size.

Bath tub cleaners have also been available in Japan, China, Taiwan and South Korea.

It is not yet clear if the sponge and bathtub cleaning sponge will be made in Japan or China.

Nalgena’s Richard Ditchle, who helped develop the Bath Bath Cleaner in the US, said the company was keen to make a “world-leading” product in the new UK market.

“Our ambition is to have a range for the home and the workplace and we’ve got a number of products coming out, and I think that the bath tub cleaner will be part of that,” Mr Dixtley said.

Bathroom cleaners have been around for years,

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