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‘Pizza-loving’ kids will benefit from the arrival of a robotic pool cleaner machine

‘Pizza-loving’ kids will benefit from the arrival of a robotic pool cleaner machine

As part of its ambitious plans to build an automated pool cleaning machine, an Indian firm has been granted a patent for a “pizza-lovers-loving” robotic cleaning system.

The system, called AutoPillow, was designed to clean the inside of a pizza and to help kids who enjoy cooking or eating out, said a company statement.

It uses a vacuum-like process to remove dirt and debris from the surface of the pizza, and also helps with cleaning up a messy mess.

The patent, filed in September, details a number of features for AutoPillsow, including a robot that can lift heavy objects and a cleaning brush that can remove dust, dirt and grime.

It also said the device can be used for cleaning up food, but not the pizza itself.

“The system will be able to clean a pizza from the inside, remove dirt, dust, debris and other items that are found on the pizza as well as the interior, including toppings and condiments,” the company said.

“This will be done in a controlled manner so that the robot can be easily controllable and controlled by the user.”

The system is currently in trials with restaurants in India, and the company is seeking approval from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

AutoPILLOW is designed to work with pizza, pasta and other products, the company added.

The company also said that the device could be adapted to clean more than one pizza.

“It will also be possible to clean one pizza and then clean another pizza.

A pizza can be cleaned by only one person,” the statement said.

“AutoPillsows can be set to clean multiple pizza slices and even multiple pizzas.”

The company is also looking at making a robot for cleaning childrens’ toys.

“With the AutoPilliow platform, children can get to play and enjoy a toy without being disturbed by others, which could help them get through the night without becoming bored,” the group said.

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